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Aikido is something that has never been before. Aikido is not a synthesis of different martial arts – it is a sophomoric perception of the instrument for the internal transformations left by the Founder of Aikido Morihey Ueshiba. Aikido is the instrument for the development of Human nature, expansion of the sensor for the reality, not just an exotic martial art. Aikido is the true self-development practice which provides the way to build the spiritual essence.

Aikido is much more important for any person because it provides the way to build new relations, discover new attitudes, new values and new gratifications fulfilled by the Divine Origin. In other words, Aikido can open the way for happiness, which cannot be reached within the common nature of a human being.

A common person cannot see anything beyond actions. When recognizing a form of actions, people reflexively attribute these ‘actions’ to a certain type of activity they are familiar with. Recognition is a basic function of the animal perception which is the foundation of human nature. We are fond of the fact (itself) of recognizing something. When you see Aikido actions, you recognize the form of martial arts and you would not require additional explanations as to what you have seen. Because you know ‘for sure’ that you saw a form of martial art. Assumptions are based on our established vision of the reality. And assumptions lead to confusions.

The first step to reveal Aikido in your life is to start from the opposite, which is to assume that what you see is something different from what you already know and you do not have a sensor yet to see the true state of things. You rather attribute things to what you already know. Aikido is the true instrument to learn how to think “out of the box”. But everything starts from the assumption that your established vision may provide you with a twisted picture of the reality. You do not see yet many things that you might have being seeing if your perception were a little bit wider.

Now you may have several questions: (1) what do I know about the perception, mentioned here? (2) Is it possible to change this perception to obtain new gratifications? (3) Is there an instrument to change/expand the perception? Only now, with these questions can you approach the True Aikido. With the True Aikido you can experience how working on yourself can let you see things you have not seen before while it has all been available at hand.

Avoiding complicated explanations, extensively simplified, we can say that everything beyond the common perception is the sphere of spirituality. With the True Aikido you can have an access to the ‘sphere of spirituality’ – develop yourself, build your spiritual essence. You need special efforts to discover the True Aikido and see how it can serve as the instrument for the purification of the common nature for better sensitivity.

This section of our portal is aimed to increase your sensitivity for the True Aikido and help you focus your efforts to reach progress on your way of self-development with Aikido for happiness in your life.