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Efforts Worth Making

Only from the depth of the spiritual comprehension can the Man see the true picture of the unity and harmony of the reality. Every human being is a part of the great unified family. We need plenty of efforts just to suggest it is possible. Aikido provides with a chance to make the efforts and achieve results on the Way of revealing the true reality. Aikido differs from every other (martial) art (or science) by serving only this one purpose (and thus is called the Art of Peace/Harmony).

Discovering the Interconnectedness

Aikido is a method of discovering the interconnectedness among people. Due to the human tendency to the individualism and self isolation, the world becomes chaotic and falls apart. We do not understand and do not want to seek and identify to what degree we are interconnected. Aikido practice is the process of shifting the perception of the reality from the concept of “enemy and competition” to the state of “family and unity”.

Aikido is the Science

Aikido is the science about human beings and their undiscovered abilities. Suomin Aikido Academy considers and presents Aikido to the students as the science about human fundamental nature expressed in physical actions and their interactions with each other. Aikido is the science because it allows the Aikido practitioners to research their own state and reactions on different external influences, to discover the cause and effect relationships, and also to learn causality of the reactions. In the artificially created conditions, Aikido practitioners, being the object and the subject of the research at the same time and using the empirical approach, find and examine (independently via their sensations within every time interval) their conditions, abilities and unrevealed potential. Thus, the Aikido practitioners know what exactly they should do and how to focus their efforts to progress.

Intentions in Action

The “Mental” Area of Aikido practice (SAA term) or the “Intentions Area” is the connecting element between the material and spiritual fields. This is the area of the internal transformation. This is where the difference can be identified, and the change can take place. In the Intentions Area, regardless of the existing gravitational force of the self, the Man can be revealed (Image of the Divine Nature).

Ultimate Value of Suomin Aikido

The True value of Aikido is that Aikido practice provides us with an opportunity to be in the constant and complete awareness of the egocentric nature of our actions. It means to be in the awareness of the flaw of our nature which allows focusing our efforts on the assimilation of the creational forces of Aiki, which can be realized in our actions (Aikido techniques). We realize that these creational forces of Aiki (or the Power of Love manifested in different forms) are opposite to the cause of our destructive intentions, which commonly create struggle.