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Aiki Lab

In our case, the «Lab» (laboratory) is the set of conditions which a person, on their own will and intentionally, chooses to obtain as the focused environment, in order to study their own nature and to recognize its flaws, if any exist. The Aiki «Lab» is the place for Aikido practice (Dojo), and such a practice is the process of exploration of the manifestation of Aiki (the power of Love) in the artificial conditions aiming to empirically, through ones sensations, discover it and see its greatness; to see the advantage of the «good» over the «evil»* (in other words - the advantage of balancing one own egocentric force).

The “Philosophy” of Aikido

The Way, Aikido offers, is the process of learning the recipe of the Spiritual Man creation inside yourself through the masterly played game of mind and perception. It is a blessing to understand in what unique way the mind and perception can supplement each other to open, through mutual cooperation, the constant need of creative power of Love (Aiki) so utterly required perceiving oneself as a part of a perfect balanced state in which the whole universe rests.

One Source

The words of Morihei Ueshiba that “people have forgotten about everything coming from one origin” are usually taken abstractive, having obscure meaning. But these words actually carry the Great knowledge necessary for the human being to realize their designation in our world.

Hiding of the True Aikido

Aikido - as the Way (Do) of the Power (Ki) of Love (Ai) - reveals itself in different forms and wears different kinds of clothes in order to attract different people. No matter what reason a person finds to come to Aikido - either because of spiritual search or for realization of their ambitions – there is hope for everyone that Aiki will disclose them its true designation.

The Completion of All Things

Aikido practice is an efficient solution for making efforts for a modern-day person who is asking questions about the meaning of life. A diligent exploration of the designation in this world provides a person with sufficient strength to discover Aikido practice as the tool to obtain free will and to realize the freedom of choice. It is about discovering our own destructive and defective nature with the help of Aikido practice, and about using Aikido as the tool to acquire a compensation for our imperfections through the discovery of the need to change our attitude to ourselves and to the outer world, and to begin acting with the missing intention.