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We realize that you may have questions as you progress with your Aikido studies with Suomin Aikido Academy. We are ready to offer you the related forums to increase your comprehension of the Aikido practice.

There are technical forums created to cover the questions for the instructional materials in the lessons. There are forums to cover questions for the SAA concepts and methodologies. At any case, we encourage you to submit your question in the corresponding area in order to make sure we understand your question by relating it to the matching section of our portal. The corresponding areas are equipped with the “question lines” and can be found in each lesson and after each article.

Participation in the forums is available for subscribers and membership holders. You will receive an e-mail notification when the answer is posted.

Post your question in the General Forum if it does not relate the (1) technical instructions or (2) articles posted in the portal. We do not answer questions regarding sex, age, nationality, culture, physical location or any other questions irrelevant of the development of Human Nature with Aikido practice. Please see the Concept of Suomin Aikido Academy for more details.

Before posting your question, make an effort to reassure your question is unique at the forums in order to receive an answer. In order to find an answer to your question, please choose the corresponding forum. Address the keyword search to check the answer to your question availability.