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Attestation Program

When you complete your Preparation Cycle, you will be able to qualify for the “Affiliate Membership” at Suomin Aikido Academy (read more). By taking an exam you will confirm your understanding and compliance with the School Core Basics, which is the technical foundation for your progress in the Aikido practice. In order to apply for the first SAA qualification of the “Affiliate Membership”, you will need to digitally record and upload the required set of movements and exercises of the Preparation Cycle program. Your performance will be evaluated by the Academy instructors and you will receive the guidelines for your future improvements.

Your second examination will be for the Green Belt. It will be your first Belt with Suomin Aikido Academy. With this exam you will be able to qualify for the Aikido Basics of the SAA techniques curriculum. We will be able to provide you with the details of your exam performance based on the SAA examinational tools.

Affiliate Membership Examination (AME)