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The SAA Preparation Cycle Program of Aikido studies is available and suitable for any beginner with or without related experiences. We do not mind if you are already a member of another organization. If you share our values and goals, you can become a part of our Aikido community. By mastering all the movements and techniques of the SAA Preparation Cycle Program you will have a choice to become an official member of Suomin Aikido Academy. The whole SAA Affiliate Member Qualification Program – the 20 complete lessons – is available at this web site.

We are looking forward to establishing Aiki connections and different forms of cooperation on a Global basis with anyone who is interested in Aikido as long as your propositions and actions comply with the SAA Concept and the Terms of Use of our portal. Be sure to request an approval for copying or republishing any of the materials posted on this web site.

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