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The True Aikido is above space and time. It can be found in the efforts of the human hearts to reveal the divine idea of our existence.

Edward Suomin

The Concept of Suomin Aikido Academy

Suomin Aikido Academy is a source of Aikido practice guidance of a virtual nature which carries the Message about the need in the self-development for every person to discover the upper or divine connections among people for realizing the true state of things.

We intentionally do not indicate our physical location. Such approach is meant to provide objective attitude, free of any kind of prejudices and subjective judgments. Aikido is beyond physical location, age, sex, culture, nationality and other factors which define the subjective attitudes. We want the observer to see us from a clear perspective.

We realize though it will be difficult to accomplish due to the human nature to sprit and separate things in categories, styles, types and other shelves to identify an order of things and find comfort in understanding of the surrounding world. But we offer such a game of our virtual existence – where you can find us very close to your door … above space and time. The internet provides such a great opportunity.

Such a concept is offered for the Academy students to feel equal in the access wherever physically on the Global they are located. The format of the Aikido instructions delivery and the interactive (moderated forum and chat available at each lesson) mode of studies allow a student to organize and manage individual learning process at comfortable speed according to the personal abilities. The Academy students can be sure they will not miss any detail of the Aikido instructions. We want to be Aiki close to each of you!

Edward Suomin, the instructing professor, had been teaching Aikido for 12 years before he decided to offer the systematized approach of Aikido studies communicable through the information channel of the internet. 12 years of teaching Aikido is not an impressive indicator. But time is a very relative thing on the background of the focused self-development commitment. There are things to consider in the provided Aikido instructions, which you can find out only by watching the lessons and reading the articles.

We guarantee the quality and the constant access to the Aikido instructional materials. In order to reassure, just watch the lessons available for everybody and decide, if the offered Aikido instructions are worthy of your attention.