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Thanks a lot! I have found so many useful details even in the preparation lessons. Your approach is really different from Japanese instructors I learned from. You actually challenge the traditional approach that “you would not learn from explanations if you cannot learn from watching and repeating”. It’s different with your instructions and that’s what I like. I think your approach will provide an opportunity to understand and learn aikido for many more people.

Good luck!
Pitter Cohen
I appreciate your articles and comments. I have found something special while reading them. I have always been interested in the self-development practices, internal search, and with your articles I felt I got closer. Your aikido demonstrations are also impressive. I would like to be a part of your virtual aikilab community. Maybe, we will meet someday. I have already contacted you on that regard, and I will be looking forward to reading new posts from you.

Thank you.
Adam Karvo
I find your teaching methods and organization of your instructional materials complying with high academic standards. It is pleasant to participate and good to know people all over the globe have an opportunity to enjoy your virtual educational resource. Although aikido is the subject the public have already developed certain attitude to, I believe you have all chances to alter the general, as you say, perception. I also have some expertise in martial arts and teaching experience. I think your resource should not be ignored by many of aikido instructors as, I think, there is something to learn…
Galvao Tessa
First, I found too many details. When you see this, you question if they are really worth effort. But as I continued and made a couple of the exercises I addressed those details again and found them very useful. I already took some aikido lessons at our local dojo, but your lessons made me look at my practice from a different angle. Thank you, your instructions really deliver.
Brenda Kenny
Before I got acquainted with the SAA web site, my understanding of Aikido was different. I found your web site by chance and now I really got interested in the Art of Peace. It is amazing there are such instruments of self-development just at hand. I have already started practicing Aikido with my best friend. Although our training turns not that simply as expected, I find it interesting to trace my intentions while performing the exercises. There is always a dilemma, and I have to fix what I do all the time. Sometimes, it really gets me nervous, but in the end of the day it makes me think about smth I have never thought about. Although difficult, I feel progress as I start better understanding what was said in the video instructions. Generally, I have got inspired. Thank you!
Greg Lucci
I have participated in many seminars of aikido. Within time I got a little upset about aikido. When I have watched several lessons at the SAA virtual dojo, I realized I missed a lot of understanding and details, which could have made my techniques more efficient. The haste of training and illusionary picture of mythical power of Aikido misled me. When I met the SAA in the web, I almost skipped it. I am very glad now I had not. You know, it’s really difficult to proceed when you got skeptic, but I have to accept I got interested now. I will be waiting for new lessons.
Albert Malik

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