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10 Main Reasons to Learn Online with Suomin Aikido Academy
  1. Self-cultivation Focus. The ultimate value of Aikido is the access to the spiritual development as the Way of reaching the purpose of life. The goal of the Academy is to increase comprehension of Aikido practice as the spiritual practice and how all the technical aspects can become the best vehicle on the way. The Aikido practice offered by the Academy is referred to as “The True Aikido”. Only the True Aikido practice is aimed at gaining divine qualities by making internal efforts, which is possible with self-cultivation focus (read more).

  2. Methodical Approach. Suomin Aikido Academy offers to consider Aikido practice as the efficient tool for the people seeking to accomplish the purpose of life. Our approach is aimed at providing a clearly defined method with sequential and logical instructions for beginners and insightful clarifications for the people already in the way. The Academy offers comprehensive curriculum which serves to reveal the interconnectedness of the forms of actions and spiritual development in step-by-step clarification process. The techniques are introduced through simplified presentations, exercises and concept explanations digestible and easy to repeat.

  3. Technical Purity. Spirituality demands perfection. The Aikido techniques offered by the Academy represent the prototype of the divine reaction by a purified human intention seeking to avoid struggle and violence. The techniques can be characterized by decreased reliance on dynamics and increased control aimed at highest efficiency and safety. Technical aspects in our practice are the means to examine the matters of cause and effect, so vital for the access to the spiritual development.

  4. Lectures and Notes. The Academy Sensei offers articles and lectures about the opportunity and necessity to improve human nature. The offered ideas can enrich your understanding of the Art of Peace and shape your focus of practice.

  5. Aiki Lab. The most important for the progress in the spiritual practice is to provide proper fruitful environment. Suomin Aikido Academy shares the ideas about the organization and tuning the True Aikido Practice. The Academy develops the international community and provides the instructions how to organize the focused setting for the progress in the practice of self-cultivation through Aikido.

  6. Progress Cycles. Spiritual practice with Aikido requires fundamental preparation. The physical body in the True Aikido practice must reflect the balanced state of mind and imitate divine intentions. The Academy offers the “Progress Cycles” guidance that will lead the practitioner through the three steps of self-cultivation: (1) “Body Building” for the Aikido practice, (2) “Technical Base”, working with a partner and (3) the “True Aikido” practice (also referred as Takemusu Aiki) where the body and spirit merge in unification. Progress cycles provide the description of the quality progress within Aikido practice and are aimed to help you understand the SAA methodology to reach insightful practice.

  7. Matrix Learning. There is a notion that you have to be inspired from sensei when constantly watching the demonstrations. Instead and besides, the Matrix Learning offered by the Academy will allow checking all essential points to insure the knowledge of the basics and technical integrity for the progress in Aikido practice. This is a unique approach to master the technical base called “Suomin’s Aikido Technique Temple”, which describes the fundamental principles. The approach will allow the practitioner to learn faster with understanding and eagerness.

  8. Safe and Managed Training. Training injuries are most likely to occur when you practice with people who are more concerned with “practicality” or “reality” of the art. With our instructions and guidance you can learn online, tune your practice and even organize your training at comfortable place with trusted friends. By learning online and training with trusted people you can avoid egocentric environment that is widespread at many schools and leads to so many disappointments. With Suomin Aikido Academy you can also choose comfortable pace of learning.

  9. Attestation Program. By completing each part of the learning program, each student will have an opportunity to comply with the belt requirements of the Academy. At the moment, the Academy is offering systematic curriculum from white to brown belt. When ready, students digitally record and upload their exams at the Promotion center for evaluation by the Academy instructors or the sensei. We make our best effort to provide you with encouraging tools and support your Aikido practice.

  10. Instructor Guidance. It was inspiration, dedication and a decade of focused efforts for the Sensei of the Academy to perfect the teaching methodologies and describe the concepts of the specialized environment organization called “Aiki Lab” for the best progress in Aikido as a self-cultivation practice. If you are an instructor, or desire to be one, you can use the guidelines offered by the Academy to adjust or organize your Aikido practice to meet the highest value.