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The Academy Sensei has chosen to call his system of Aikido practice the “Renaissance School” due to the focus on the practice of achieving the spiritual qualities rather than mastering street applicability of Aikido techniques or chasing any other value of this material world. The Sensei is appealing to the hearts of people with the needs and desires for the spiritual values.

We are all aware of the fact of increasing demand for practical skills of wrestling and fighting. Nevertheless, Edward Suomin believes that the people in the world on the other hand are becoming more sensitive to the spiritual qualities, experiencing needs for different form of unification as a solution. While there are no physical actions leading to spirituality, Aikido is a unique case. Edward Suomin is looking forward in offering the platform to empower people seeking spirituality by providing them with the only tool accompanied and facilitated by the physical actions, which leads to accomplishing the purpose of life.

Edward Suomin is not calling on the widely accepted notions of belief. Edward Suomin is confident that the access to spirituality can be revealed by a sharp mind and profound reasoning which can then lead to the strong faith in the way. Therefore, Edward Suomin is appealing to rational thinking and first considers material manifestation of Aikido in the Self Defense section of the Academy to address the greater number of people with already formed perception of Aikido. Later in the Classic section the Sensei is addressing people who are willing to listen, learn or refine their technical base to practice the True Aikido.