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After 12 years of teaching Aikido, Edward Suomin has systematized his knowledge and research experience to share the comprehensive set of instructional materials about Aikido suitable for any person regardless of any physical or spiritual practice experiences. Edward Suomin presents Aikido as spiritual practice available for all people beyond nations, traditions, place, age and other constraints of our physical world. Edward Suomin insists that Aikido has to be applied as the tool to expand perception of the reality by reaching the dimension of intentions with the help of special actions (Aikido techniques) and the focused environment (AikiLab).

Edward Suomin says that “Aikido is not something exotic and attributed to a certain culture. The question is what pleasures are you seeking in your life – physical power, domination, or, maybe, esthetic, etc.? Everything is wrong until you reveal the true desire inside yourself. Only then can you see the true purpose of Aikido (as an instrument to get what you really need) and organize your practice for the highest value. Aikido is the tool for internal transformation created and left for us (all people) by the Founder of Aikido, Morihey Ueshiba. Your attitude defines the direction where you are going; and technical things in Aikido are only the means to reach the internal”.

Biographical Outlines

In about 14 years of age, Edward Suomin discovered interests in philosophy, natural sciences and religions. Regardless of the external environment, where his fellows were hanging up and spending good time, Edward often found himself in a library reading a philosophy book about human nature or self-improvement practices. These interests led Edward to his first acquaintance with Aikido, when he was 15 years old.

Due to the continuous spiritual search, Edward Suomin in his early twenties started modification of the Aikido techniques he had learned during several years of previous training. This process took place when Edward Suomin started experiencing discomfort with every form of technique he had been taught. This discomfort increased to the level when he had to reconsider every aspect of his Aikido practice. Regardless of the discomfort accompanying with inner grief, Edward Suomin could not leave Aikido practice as he had a profound feeling that only Aikido could give the answer to his questions.

Eventually, Edward Suomin has discovered what he is now calling “the missing element”, which led him in the right direction providing clarity and insight of Aikido practice as a spiritual endeavor. As mentioned, this process also shaped the majority of the practiced techniques in accordance with the refined perception. After many years of teaching and practicing Aikido as the system of preparation for the spiritual practice, Edward Suomin has felt the necessity to share his vision and methodology of Aikido practice with the world.

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