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Aiki Lab

In our case, the «Lab» (laboratory) is the set of conditions which a person, on their own will and intentionally, chooses to obtain as the focused environment, in order to study their own nature and to recognize its flaws, if any exist. The Aiki «Lab» is the place for Aikido practice (Dojo), and such a practice is the process of exploration of the manifestation of Aiki (the power of Love) in the artificial conditions aiming to empirically, through ones sensations, discover it and see its greatness; to see the advantage of the «good» over the «evil»* (in other words - the advantage of balancing one own egocentric force).

Aikido practice in the «physical layer» (the SAA term) is the exploration of matter and its manifestation in different forms. The matter is the human being in our case, and the form is the set of their properties in the process of practice (in each moment of their actions). We research interactions that happen when two bodies (Uke and Nage) make the contact. Also we study the effects that occur during this contact when the properties of their bodies have been artificially changed (in the result of the efforts).

In our «Lab» we reconstruct the crudest manifestation of the human's egocentrism in the layer of physical action – it is when an aggressor comes to the realization of their intention to destroy another human being. This is the material that we work with. As the following step, we study what kind of reaction this action excites within ourselves. In other words, we study the cause of the action, and we work (make the efforts) to transform this reaction, which is possible by virtue of using a certain tool - a methodology of performing exercises and working within the altered intention. It is actually the essence of Aikido practice.

In other words, the object for the study is the human being, as well as manifestations of their intentions in different artificial conditions. The person is pointed what kind of properties they initially possess when these properties are revealed in their feeble actions. This feebleness is usually attributed to the lack of the skill. But the knowledge and experience are required to understand that eventually it is only a certain intention that creates new properties in a human being, merging all the movements into single and unshakable integrity of creative actions, vesting them with the beauty of harmonic movements. Succeeding to feel the results achieved through the realized transformations helps a person to feel the advantages of the «good» and eat the fruit of their self-cultivation effort, i.e. the victory over their egocentric incentives. This success is of much value as it can serve as the source of strength for further efforts to cultivate Aiki (the power of Love) in the independent actions.

With Aikido practice we must see and understand (via empiric means, tested and proved by ourselves) the advantage of the «good» over the «evil» in each detail of the reality that surrounds us, although being hidden. Aiki (the power of Love) is the most powerful and comprehensive power in the world. Aikido practice is given to us so that we could see that through our perception and start cultivating Aiki in all our aspirations, discovering the new world around.


The culmination of the human efforts of our modern civilization to discover the laws of nature and find the answers to the secrets of the world creation is the construction of the Large Hadron Collider in hope to reconstruct the causality of our Universe or to find the Divine Sparkle which had brought the beginning for the Universe and our world. But it is impossible to do it using the tools created by a human, no matter how far the science reaches. The final creation of the Divine deeds is the human being, and only within us (not by our hands) the Divine causality of our world can be revealed. It is the missing element! Aiki is that Divine Sparkle, which can be found only within the human heart.


«Evil» is the egocentric human nature, initially given to humans.

«Good» is the power of unity and solidarity, an opposite of the «evil», which is the separation. Initially, people miss it in the form of manifesting their attitude to others. Aiki (the power of Love) is the medium for «good», and can be cultivated by certain efforts of people.

«Evil» and «good» are not the commonly used terms at the SAA and are only used in this article to ease the perception of a reader.