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Aikido as a New Means

Even to an ignorant person does Aikido give hope to be in the right place and touch the Divine wisdom (without even knowing about it). In the past, only great sufferings and hardships could provide path to the answers and saved a person from ignorance and crudity of our world. Now, when the world has progressed to a softer phase of its evolution, we were given Aikido as a new means to reach comprehension of the Divine wisdom, which has become possible without the need of tough restrictions and torment of our physical bodies.

About Aikido Practice

Aikido is not just some kind of new experience and aesthetic pleasure one can enjoy at spare time. A grown up person can come to the true Aikido practice out of internal need for an answer to the question about the sense of everyday and virtually wasted efforts made in hope to perceive the richness of life. Aikido is not just another thing that is worth trying. Aikido practice is the tool that should be knowingly used in order to fill the life with the missing element that a human being requires to obtain the integrity, awareness and harmony with the discovered world.

Aikido as a Self-cultivation Practice

Aikido practice is not just another kind of physical activity. The progress in Aikido practice is not only to learn a sequence of intricate moves and develop algorithms to use them in case of real danger. The real Aikido is to build a special kind of communication between people, as an embodiment of the human understanding and compassion. Aikido technique is a manifestation of such attitude. This way, Aikido techniques represent the form of our understanding and compassion as our reaction towards “aggressor's” actions, even if this person “wants to kill us”. The power of having such attitude is revealed in the efficiency of Aikido techniques. This power is not initially available to a common person, and also it cannot be cultivated without the appropriate intention.