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Aikido is the Science

Aikido is the science about human beings and their undiscovered abilities. Suomin Aikido Academy considers and presents Aikido to the students as the science about human fundamental nature expressed in physical actions and their interactions with each other. Aikido is the science because it allows the Aikido practitioners to research their own state and reactions on different external influences, to discover the cause and effect relationships, and also to learn causality of the reactions. In the artificially created conditions, Aikido practitioners, being the object and the subject of the research at the same time and using the empirical approach, find and examine (independently via their sensations within every time interval) their conditions, abilities and unrevealed potential. Thus, the Aikido practitioners know what exactly they should do and how to focus their efforts to progress.

Aikido is (1) the science and also (2) the methodology. Aikido is the science which allows seeing “As Is” now, and which also allows revealing the potential, the flaw – the projection of how it can be better (of course it is about the inner state or abilities of the Human). Also (and at the same time) Aikido is the method which allows “to move from point ‘A’ to point ‘B’” (from one state to another). As the practitioner is the object and the subject of the research at the same time, Aikido practice is the self-development methodology, improvement of the “self”. Specifically, Aikido is the instrument of the inner transformations of the Human Being. Aikido facilitates the constant improvement of the human state and allows the practitioner to obtain the abilities to make purposeful intentions and find blessing (value) in the subsequent state (expansion of the perception).

In other words, Aikido is an effective instrument of reaching harmony with the surrounding world. The pace of the progress is determined by the subject’s detected portion of the flaw that will be covered via the subsequent purposeful intentions, and the reality of the result will be known within the perception. The advancement process is cyclical: detection (science) – correction (method).

Differentiation of Aikido Science

There is an apparent difference between Aikido and other sciences, typical for human beings. Comprehension of other sciences doesn’t make the human life better – it doesn’t affect their state (sensorship), the perception of the surrounding world. Other sciences are trying to add more comfort to human life by providing data about the existing environment and how to operate within the environment or change the environment for better comfort. In contrast, Aikido science is the science about the human nature which allows transforming this nature in certain way in order to find ourselves in the perfect harmony with the surrounding environment. We transform ourselves to see the perfection of everything that was created.

The case is that all conveniences originating from the products of different conventional sciences, such as: (1) the understanding of natural phenomena, (2) providing for the material needs and requirements, (3) facilities to comfort human lives, etc. – do not protect against the suffering that human beings are constantly experiencing in this form or the other. Something constantly doesn’t allow human beings to acquire the so called “happiness”, regardless of their prosperity, power or riches they possess. Human beings are constantly experiencing a need in something.

Aikido science allows methodically revealing the causality of the flawed state of human beings and guides them to the more favorable one, which is worth seeking. Aikido is the unique practical science, where human beings are investigators of themselves, where the perception is their entire universe.