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Discovering the Interconnectedness

Aikido is a method of discovering the interconnectedness among people. Due to the human tendency to the individualism and self isolation, the world becomes chaotic and falls apart. We do not understand and do not want to seek and identify to what degree we are interconnected. Aikido practice is the process of shifting the perception of the reality from the concept of “enemy and competition” to the state of “family and unity”.

Only now the significance of the ideas, the Aikido Founder Morihey Ueshiba proposed over 40 years ago, is becoming perceivable for the humanity. Nevertheless, considering the developing state of the global society, the values of O-Sensei’s ideas are still hard to recognize and to understand for modern people. The perception of Aikido as “martial art” makes things worse by associating it strongly with its external expressions. The society cannot identify a category for Aikido practice correctly usually addressing the wrong audience, like sports and martial arts, who are seeking to feed their egocentric nature only and who are not asking other questions. Common people find usefulness and fun in competitions, but all these actions preserve people in the blind state, which dooms people to suffering. Aikido offers another kind of game, which can develop a person spiritually.

The Great Master speaks about the new state which can be revealed among people and the role of Aikido in this process. Revelation of our next state is possible only through the special efforts produced together in mutual practice by like-minded people. How and in which direction to form the required efforts is the most important question for the practitioners. Aikido can be found at hand as the purposeful organization of actions to find the answer inside.

Aikido helps people to discover the surrounding world as a friendly environment created especially for their good. The only thing needed from people in order to see it is the eradication of their ignorance. Aikido practice provides with a possibility to make efforts towards the realization of this goal. The interconnectedness, constructed by Aikido practitioners, becomes the true reality. You build the reality with your own efforts.

Aikido practice is the remedy capable to awaken us from the dream of ignorance. Everything depends on people, or the needs they perceive. I am always ready to work with the people who see value in the search of a better option to interact with the surrounding world and who are ready to make efforts in order to reach progress on this Way.