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Ultimate Value of Suomin Aikido

The True value of Aikido is that Aikido practice provides us with an opportunity to be in the constant and complete awareness of the egocentric nature of our actions. It means to be in the awareness of the flaw of our nature which allows focusing our efforts on the assimilation of the creational forces of Aiki, which can be realized in our actions (Aikido techniques). We realize that these creational forces of Aiki (or the Power of Love manifested in different forms) are opposite to the cause of our destructive intentions, which commonly create struggle.

In such a way, Aikido practice becomes the prey to the creational Source of the Good (God) for the condescension to provide with the Aiki qualities so desirable for us (reveal our divinity). With our practice, efforts and aspirations we demonstrate the readiness to receive the Upper Wisdom of Aiki (the Power of Love) and to discover the holistic nature of the Man (Human), the new state prepared for us in the very Idea of the creation of our world. In other words, the True Aikido is the spiritual practice, aiming to achieve the purpose of human life by reaching the Divine qualities.

The True Aikido practice helps to be in a certain state which brings you closer to the spiritual world. Aikido practice is about how you exit from the power of yourself by the act of the self-sacrifice (manifested in every Aikido technique) and find your identity in the true reality of (new) interconnectedness with the surrounding environment (people). In this Divine play you may perceive the Ways of Aiki. It means to be the active participant of Aiki actions which exist above space and time.