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Intentions in Action

The “Mental” Area of Aikido practice (SAA term) or the “Intentions Area” is the connecting element between the material and spiritual fields. This is the area of the internal transformation. This is where the difference can be identified, and the change can take place. In the Intentions Area, regardless of the existing gravitational force of the self, the Man can be revealed (Image of the Divine Nature).

The “Mental” Area is the area of further efforts for the prepared Aikido practitioner (after the body preparation phase). The prepared Aikido practitioner is also the one who perceives the (ultimate) value in the Way of compassion (revealed in every Aikido technique). Therefore, Aikido practice becomes the methodology (the Way) of “obtaining” the desired intentions behinds the practiced actions of Aikido, where “physical” actions become only the instrument of support for achieving more important goals.

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The “Mental” Area is the lighter dimension where the self development is possible and achievable. Physical actions become the catalyzer which facilitates the process of the internal transformation. Only in this sense can physical actions be of value for the spiritual development of the Man.

The Science of Aikido promoted by Suomin Aikido Academy allows researching the nature of human being and their manifestation in the two areas: (1) Actions “Physical” and (2) Intentions “Mental”. There is a direct (cause and effect) connection between these two areas. In the result of this connection, with the inverse approach, Aikido practitioner has an opportunity to achieve the integrity of perception of the reality without any falsehood and to approach the realization of the purpose of life in this world.