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Efforts Worth Making

Only from the depth of the spiritual comprehension can the Man see the true picture of the unity and harmony of the reality. Every human being is a part of the great unified family. We need plenty of efforts just to suggest it is possible. Aikido provides with a chance to make the efforts and achieve results on the Way of revealing the true reality. Aikido differs from every other (martial) art (or science) by serving only this one purpose (and thus is called the Art of Peace/Harmony).

Every human being is a unique part of the single system and is essential for the integrity of this system. The weakness of human nature is that originally there is no perception of the true integrity of the universe inside us, and our desires lead us in completely opposite direction from perceiving the true interconnectedness among people and from the value of their unique addition (commonly generating aggression and conflict). The Art of Peace is created to give us an opportunity to acquire the true image of the reality. Aikido provides a chance to make the only worthwhile efforts in our illusionary state of life to get rid of the deception and delusion which appear to be so real in our natural perception.