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Revelation of the Divine

The Art of Peace starts from yourself (your self). Work on yourself and achieve the accompanying goals with the Art of Peace. Everyone has the spirit to purify, the body to train and the way to follow. You find yourself here with the only goal, - to realize your internal divinity and manifest your original clearness. Create the world in your life and then apply the Art of Peace to everything you meet within it.
Morihei Ueshiba, quote 1.

Brief Comment

Part 1 (the center of the universe)

You are in the center of the whole Universe; the action is expected exactly from you! Everybody is waiting for your awakening, so that you close the circle of the Deeds, adding up the missing element. Question yourself; find the focused environment, which will help you wake up from the dream of ignorance, and act! Aikido is created to help you on this Way.

You are the only one who can change. You cannot perform the internal change for someone else. And there is no other person who can change yourself instead of you. Everything is dependent only on you. You are the defining measure on the scale of the good and evil. Reveal your role in the theatrical play of your natural life and constantly make efforts for the transition from the position of the observer to the state of the participant (perform the actions of the self development).

Part 2 (material for the work)

God has presented you with the body, intentions and the place for the realization of your aspirations. This is our natural world where you perceive yourself independent enjoying the opportunity for the realization your intentions in actions. All these factors must be put under the consideration and analysis by the Man. God has presented us with the material for work, and only the Man, by their virtue of the choice, can complete the Divine Deeds to the desired end – to the perfection.

Every person, at a certain stage of their life, has to reveal that the material for the work is their self, and the world around is the place where they can make efforts of the work on their self, to process the material to the state of perfection. In order to achieve such a goal, the Man must reveal and except their state of the flaw and proceed to the more desirable state. In such an aspiration the Man can reveal that Aikido offers the Way.

Part 3 (life goal)

Every person was presented with the natural life for them to realize their Divine nature. The realization is sequential but at the same time holistic process of the perceived development of the Man – from the revelation of the opposite to the Creative Source to the desire for His Devine qualities. Aikido practice then becomes the cultivation of the forces initially opposite to the nature of a common person – egocentric destructive entity (material).

The Man can be manifested only in the efforts of resistance to their natural egocentrism. The Man sculpts themselves with their own hands. These are the divine deeds people capable of – the manifestation of the “True Clearness”. Aikido creates space for the efforts on the Way of the self perfection – the revelation of the divine nature. The changing prism of perception reveals the new world, created for the Good of the Man. Every event and every detail are revealed in their course and effect connections on the background of the holistic nature of the Universe. Aikido is the means to look behind the curtain of the Divine Idea and to approach the realization of the mission of your life in this world.