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Kamae | Standing Position

51 minutes
21 lesson slides
7 new terms

With this lesson you will learn the fundamental technical concept of Aikido practice - the “Stance Structure”. The lesson provides video instructions with detailed technical guidelines and exercises aimed to develop the formation of the physical body instrumental for the Aikido practice. The lesson also includes certain mindset concepts that will help you expand your knowledge about Aikido and organize your practice accordingly.

Lesson Outline

  • Stance Structure
  • Uke and Nage Positioning | Marubashi Principle
  • Exercise 1 | Gedan
  • Exercise 2 | Heavy Weight Transition
  • Exercise 3 | Funekogi Undo
  • Lesson Insight
  • Unit Resume | Quick Review

Workshop Features

  • Detailed Video Instructions
  • Focus Slides
  • Lesson Printouts
  • Terminology Printout
  • Forum
  • Notes Pad
  • Additional Resource Materials