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Shikko | Knee Walk

46 minutes
25 lesson slides
6 new terms

With this lesson you will be able to develop your mobility skills in the sitting position. Basically, this lesson is about how to make your seiza mobile. Shikko or knee walk is a valuable tool to develop you Gedan (the lower part of the body), center and balance. Shikko is a fulfillment of the idea that you have to be ever ready and always find comfort in the moment, even if you are in a sitting position.

The lesson includes instructions about the movements in different directions in the sitting level, transitions to and from the standing position and developing exercises suitable for a person regardless of previous experience in martial arts to obtain the basic skills in shikko. Shikko will enable you to correct the disadvantage of the strategically unfavorable sitting position.

Lesson Outline

  • Mae Shikko (Forward Knee Walk)
  • Ushiro Shikko (Backward Knee Walk)
  • Exercise 1 | Carrying Bowl of Water
  • Exercise 2 | Level Transitions
  • Exercise 3 | Step Ups
  • Exercise 4 | Shikko Tenkan
  • Lesson Insight
  • Unit Resume | Quick Review

Workshop Features

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