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Aikiken | Sword of Aikido

1 hour 36 minutes
40 lesson slides
9 new terms

With this lesson you will be able to build the core basics which include the development of (1) the stance structure and (2) the arms form. The skill to use the structure of the body is fundamental for the Aikido practice. You will discover how the bokken is transformed into the Aikiken and serves the purpose of unification, not separation. The practice with the Aikiken is aimed to unite all the parts of your body together in the holistic movements of Aikido. You will be able to learn how to approach the bokken to prepare your body for the Aikido practice.

The lesson includes instructions about the movements in different directions with the Aikiken, transitions to and from the standing position and developing exercises suitable for any person, regardless of previous experience in martial arts, to obtain the right understanding of the Aikiken practice and to develop the basic skills for the further progress in Aikido.

Lesson Outline

  • Aikiken
  • Seigan Position
  • Level Transitions
  • Structure Development
  • Basic Suburi
  • Exercise 1 | Shield and Strike
  • Exercise 2 | Four Directions
  • Exercise 3 | Shikko Suburi
  • Lesson Insight
  • Unit Resume | Quick Review

Workshop Features

  • Detailed Video Instructions
  • Focus Slides
  • Lesson Printouts
  • Terminology Printout
  • Forum
  • Notes Pad
  • Additional Resource Materials