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Tegatana | Arms Form

51 minutes
45 lesson slides
5 new terms

With this lesson you will be able to consider and structure your arm formations to merge and lead Uke in Aikido techniques. You will understand the connection between the arms form principle of Aikido and the Aikido weapons. You will learn how to acquire the striking skills sufficient for Aikido practice. You will be able to examine the qualities of the arm formation serving the goals of Aikido (merging and leading) at the certain phases of Aikido technique performance. You will also be able to understand the proper positioning of the arm forms in Aikido.

The lesson includes instructions about the Tegatana of Uke and the Tegatana of Nage. All the instructional materials are supported by the development exercises sufficient to build the proper skills for the Aikido practice. All the instructions and exercises are suitable for any person, regardless of previous experience in martial arts, to obtain the right understanding of the arms formation and application in Aikido practice.

Lesson Outline

  • Sword Heritage
  • Basic Attacks
  • Empty Arm
  • Seigan
  • Exercise 1 | Grip Cutting
  • Exercise 2 | Parallel Arm Entry
  • Exercise 3 | Wrestling Hook
  • Lesson Insight
  • Unit Resume | Quick Review

Workshop Features

  • Detailed Video Instructions
  • Focus Slides
  • Lesson Printouts
  • Terminology Printout
  • Forum
  • Notes Pad
  • Additional Resource Materials