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Mae Ukemi | Forward Roll

1 hour 8 minutes
44 lesson slides
4 new terms

With this lesson you will be able to consider positioning and structuring your body for the forward roll of Aikido. You will be provided with the body structuring details and the instructions how to approach Mae Ukemi in the right sequence of the setting-up movements to provide safety and success of the movement execution. You will also learn how to develop your Tobi Ukemi skills, the safety fall dawn with the bouncing action, applicable when Mae Ukemi is not possible.

All the lesson instructions are supported by the development exercises sufficient to build the Mae Ukemi skills for the Aikido practice. All the instructions and exercises are suitable for any person, regardless of previous experience in martial arts, to obtain the right understanding of Mae Ukemi performance.

Lesson Outline

  • Art of Rolling
  • Rolling from Half-Standing
  • Rolling from Standing
  • Tobi Ukemi
  • Exercise 1 | Roll Accompany
  • Exercise 2 | Spring Roll
  • Exercise 3 | Koshi Fall
  • Exercise 4 | Jump Roll
  • Lesson Insight
  • Unit Resume | Quick Review

Workshop Features

  • Detailed Video Instructions
  • Focus Slides
  • Lesson Printouts
  • Terminology Printout
  • Forum
  • Notes Pad
  • Additional Resource Materials