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Irimi | The Entrance

1 hour 2 minutes
33 lesson slides
4 new terms

With this lesson you will be able to learn and examine the Entrance approach, which stands as the core for virtually half of Aikido techniques. You will get acquainted with the conditioning movement of Irimi which constitutes the basis for the Entrance performance. You will be able to examine this essential element which is aimed to help you escape the attack and obtain the strategic position for the Entrance. You will also learn how to perform the Entrance correctly by receiving the complete set of reference points to tune your Irimi performance.

In this lesson you will be presented with the Standard Irimi as well as Sokumen Irimi approaches, which will help you obtain the entire picture of Irimi concept. The lesson provides the developing exercises aimed to help you consider Irimi from different angles and also to improve your body structuring and movement skills for better Irimi performance. The instructions and exercises are suitable for any person, regardless of previous experience in martial arts, to obtain the right understanding of Irimi performance according to SAA School of Aikido.

Although the lesson has its independent value, the lesson instructions include references to the previous lessons for body structuring and movement skills, which have to be available for better Irimi comprehension and performance.

Lesson Outline

  • Initiative in Aikido
  • Conditioning for Entrance
  • Entrance Performance
  • Sokumen Irimi
  • Exercise 1 | Inside Turn for Entrance
  • Exercise 2 | Standing Up for Irimi
  • Exercise 3 | Irimi Conditioning and Parallel Arm Entry
  • Lesson Insight
  • Unit Resume | Quick Review

Workshop Features

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