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Kokyu Ho

58 minutes
43 lesson slides

With this lesson you will learn to coordinate your breathing with your movements. Kokyu Ho stands as an idea of internal unification and contains the model of Aikido techniques, merging and leadership. With Kokyu Ho practice, the Aikido techniques will become (1) natural for you and more (2) powerful as your influence.

The lesson provides concepts and corresponding developing exercises aimed to help you examine Kokyu Ho mechanics from different angles, synchronize your breathing with your movements and also improve your body structuring and movement skills. The instructions and exercises are suitable for any person, regardless of any related experiences, to obtain the right understanding of Kokyu Ho performance according to the SAA School of Aikido.

Although this lesson has its independent value, the lesson instructions include references to the previous lessons, which have to be available to you for better Kokyu Ho comprehension and practice organization.

Lesson Outline

  • Technique Outlook
  • Sequence of Movements
  • Mechanics of the Influence
  • Integrality of Control
  • Intended Completion
  • Avoided Intentions
  • Counter Actions
  • Mastery Drills
  • Self-Defense Perspective

Workshop Features

  • Detailed Video Instructions
  • Focus Slides
  • Lesson Printouts
  • Forum
  • Notes Pad
  • Additional Resource Materials
This introduction video is NOT instructional. In order to learn the technique, gain access to the complete instructions of the lesson.